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 Commonly Used China Based 3rd Party Forwarders

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PostSubject: Commonly Used China Based 3rd Party Forwarders   Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:22 am

1) 飞达国际物流 

Contact person: Elvis 林尔康
Wechat: Lam742288
旺旺号: 新马代运
Ships out from: Shen Zhen
Taobao shop:

Air Freight
Normal Goods

  • Below 10kg, ¥35 1st kg. ¥12 next 0.5kg

  • 11-20kg total, per kg ¥20

  • 21-44kg total, per kg ¥19

  • 45-99kg total, per kg ¥18

  • 45-99kg total, per kg ¥18

Sensitive Goods:

  • Below 10kg, add ¥40 

  • Above 10kg, add ¥4 per kg     

Note: He goes by actual weight or volumetric weight,whichever is heavier (LxBxH in meters, divided by 6000)

Sea freight

  • 1 cubic metre ¥550 for normal goods. 

  • 1 cubic metre ¥670 for sensitive goods. 

Minimum charge will be ¥550 so you will be charges ¥550 even if your goods are less than 1 cbm. 
His transport can handle up to 2.5 cbm and there will be additional charges incurred if more than 2.5cbm.

Extra Services

  • Remove excess packaging to reduce weight: FOC (only for air freights)

  • Check contents if correctly sent like quantity of items (¥2 per parcel)

  • Order and pay etc on your behalf (daigou): 5% of goods worth + freight 

Warehouse details
收件人:林尔康转(Your Name)
邮政: 510440
电话: 13928834366



Contact person: Sunny Zhou aka 周晖
Ships out from: Macau
Taobao shop:

Air Freight
Normal Goods

  • Below 10kg - RMB35 for first 0.5kg,  RMB 15 for subsequent 0.5kg.

  • Above 10kg – RMB22 per kg

Add RMB30 to total shipping bill for sensitive goods
Calculation is based on Actual or Volumetric Weight (Whichever is higher).

Warehouse details
收货人: put your name

地址: 广州市白云区永泰元下田泰兴路6号C栋101号 上源货运,(街道选项请选永平街道)
邮政: 510440 
电话: 13925096065


3) JF-Express 淘宝代运-广州飓风国际物流有限公司 Guangzhou Hurricane express co.,ltd 

Contact person: William Zhou
Wechat: zhou394809094
WhatsApp: +8615899962312
Line: +8615899962312
Skype: express06
QQ: 2358108332

Mobile phone: 0086-15899962312
Address: D5,Park Jiangxia,Huangshi East Road,Baiyun district,Guangzhou,China
Post code: 510420

Air Freight
By courier (door to door) about 3 days arrive

  • RMB60 for first 0.5kg,  RMB 13 for subsequent 0.5kg.

  • Above 10kg – RMB26 per kg

  • Above 21kg – RMB23 per kg

  • Above 46kg – RMB21 per kg

  • Above 71kg – RMB20 per kg

  • Above 100kg – RMB18 per kg

  • Above 300kg – RMB16 per kg

Charges will be based on the heavier of volumetric weight vs actual weight.
Volumetric weight calculation: L*W*H/6000 (by cm)

Sea freight

Goods are sent every Wednesdays, approx 10 days. 

  • 1 cubic metre RMB550(SGD 115) for normal goods. 

Warehouse details

Need to get customer code before ordering on Taobao. 

收货人 :周先生(转customer code 收) for example: 转SG357 收)
收货地址: 广州市白云区黄石东路江夏七社停车场D5档 

邮政: 510420 
手机号码: 15899962312 

电话: 020-26271079 


4. Destination Express International (Dexi - aka MSC)
To use their shipping service, you need to register with elogistic, their department which handles warehouse shipments. Register here: 

The first 0.5kg to Singapore is RMB26 or 24?--depend on which delivery company you are choosing in Singapore. Price Includes to door delivery.
RMB 8 is the storage and packing fee, if you would like us to do QC or other service for you, there will be other surcharges.
Branded items (include Imitation brand), battery item, magnetism item, liquid, power(we don't accept white power item), food, cosmetic are senstive items, but not limited to.
For air freight usually 4-7 days(Normal goods excluding sensitive items), sea freight usually 10-15 days.

Warehouse Address
街道地址 : 广州市白云区白云大道南萧岗荔园北路10号仓 
电话号码 : 862036351402 / 公司手机:18078810920 
邮政编码 : 510000 
收货人 :CAN/+您在我们系统里面注册的ID名

Payment is via ALIPAY
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Commonly Used China Based 3rd Party Forwarders
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